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Term 1, 2024

Scratch, Java, Python, Unity

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Scratch, Java, Python

term 1, 2024
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scratch, java, python, unity & C#, unreal & C++

What parents are saying about our online coding classes

My son has been having a great success in learning coding online with CODE4FUN. He says that everything is very smoothly for him and it is "Unity class as usual". Thank you so much for making such a huge effort to make online coding classes available for the kids. We hope that my son can keep learning from you and your team of teachers throughout this difficult time.
Sarah, parent
A big thank you to CODE4FUN for taking the initiative to organise your live online coding classes quickly and seamlessly. My son’s first online class went really well, and he enjoyed it very much! I am happy, he has the opportunity to participate in engaging and meaningful learning experience from his home.
Gabrielle, parent
Dear CODE4FUN thank you very much for your live coding classes at our school. It's been such a hectic and stressful time and coding is a real highlight for my son. All his other activities have been cancelled so I'm glad he can continue on with coding.
Karina, parent

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Coding Classes for Kids


Beginners & Intermediate students learn the fundamentals of computer science using drag & drop Scratch. Students also learn coding terminology such as loops, conditionals and variables while creating their projects and games. Our goal is to ensure students understand coding fundamentals and are able to apply their coding skills and knowledge confidently



Advanced students learn a simplified version of Java language and make their first step into text-based coding. Students use integrated development environment Processing to learn how to write code in Java and create digital projects and games. Students are both guided through and encouraged to work independently on their projects in order to achieve a specific goal


Y7 – Y11 PRO

Pro students learn industry standard Java, Python and C#. Java students focus on Object-Oriented concepts using Processing to create digital art projects. Python students learn to program Drones or Lego Robots to perform tasks such as shark monitoring or playing autonomous soccer. C# students master their skills while learning Game Development to build 3D games using Unity


Meet The Sydney Programming School Team

The Best programmers to educate children

Meet the Sydney Programming School team. To put it plain and simple, we’re passionate about what we do and it shows in our work! Together we are a bunch of creative enthusiasts who believe that coding is the language of the future.

We understand that every child is unique, therefore our team of experts has carefully developed a number of tailored kids programming courses that reflect the capabilities of children enrolled. Fostering a culture of collaboration, we believe that the best way to teach kids to code is through creativity, innovation and teamwork. All our staff members are experienced IT professional and each has a current Working With Children Check. 


We Teach Kids How to Code


Let’s be honest, children these days are more tech-savvy than most of their parents, however there has never really been a physical space in which they can develop their computing capabilities.  This is where we come in! CODE4FUN Sydney Programming School have partnered up with a number of schools and venues across Sydney to provide children with a physical space in which they can let their love for computing and technology run wild.

As co-founders of CODE4FUN, our mission is to ensure that every child has an opportunity to learn coding and computer science. We all want the best for our children and as parents we are passionate about creating an environment where our kids can continually grow and develop.

Even though we are all about creativity, innovation and teamwork, we are also about Personality! The team that make up CODE4FUN Sydney Programming School believes that coding is a great way to socialise, network and make friends with similar interests.

Learning how to code has provided our children, and many other children that attend our weekly Coding Courses with a way of processing the world around them, a logical way of thinking, problem solving and cognitive development. We harness their creativity and teach them that there is no such thing as impossible. Programming is a life skill that will allow our students to become the architects of the future. 

Why Programming is Important for Kids

SBS World News reports from Sydney Programming School coding class



Coding is a challenging yet rewarding experience. As the digital landscape continues to change so will the way in which we communicate within it. Once you learn how to code the only limit of what is “possible” is your imagination. 

Learning how to code will allow the children of this generation to become architects of the future. At Sydney Programming School, we ensure that our children are equipped with the necessary tools to help them build their very own games, apps and interactive stories. Kids start from Scratch to advance to real programming languages such as Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Phaser and Unity3D programming. 

Living in a world that is dominated by software, Computational thinking is an important skill that everyone should learn. Sydney’s coding culture is on the rise, so to ensure your child is not left behind the digital age, enrol them into one of our fantastic programming courses and give them a skill for life.

Questions and Answers

  • Why Should my Child Attempt Programming Courses?

  • Children who learn programming are provided with a strategical and logical way of thinking about the world around them. Whether it’s understanding how complex systems such as economies work or making every day decisions, programming teaches children not only how to solve problems, but also how to express themselves. We are now living in a digital landscape where there is a strong emphasis on the importance of digital technology. Children that learn programming, will give themselves the best opportunity for cognitive growth, personal development and future career paths.
    • What to Bring to Programming Classes?

  • We provide all the required equipment, including a laptop for every single student. However, if your children are willing to bring their own laptops, they are very welcome. Both Apple and Windows laptops are fine. There is no need to download anything in advance, we will help our students to get everything settled during our programming class.



    • What is the Right Programming Course for my Child?

  • We have a number of different programming course for kids in different age group and different programming experience. If your child is Y1-Y4 student and is just about to start, so please consider our Beginners Programming Course. Our Advanced Programming Course is for Y3-Y6 students who are already familiar with the basics of programming concept. Those Y7-Y11 students who are digitally-savvy are welcome to our Pro Programming Course where they can develop their programming skill further. We individually track progress of each student, and always advice when the child have to move to a new level.  
    • What is the Right Age to Start Programming?

  • As with learning a new language or new skill, the earlier the better! Most of our programming courses and activities have been carefully designed for kids between the ages of seven and fifteen and further reflect the capabilities of children enrolled. All of our courses are fun, engaging and interactive. We place a strong importance on personal achievement and growth so we keep our classes at a size that will allow us to maintain a close one-on-one relationship with each student.
  • Coding for Kids: News and Challenges

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