University of Sydney tells CODE4FUN story

Behind the Code: The University of Sydney tells Lena’s Story of Leadership and Innovation at CODE4FUN

At CODE4FUN, every parent knows Lena, the co-founder and marketing director who has been the backbone of our community for the last nine years. Since the inception of CODE4FUN‘s first classes in April 2015, Lena has dedicated herself to the welfare of our families, essentially available 24/7.

Lena not only sends out class reminders each morning but also manages all parent inquiries—whether it involves changing a class day, time, or course level. She acts as the vital link between parents and teachers, provides feedback to educators, and writes reference letters for students applying for scholarships.

Recently, the University of Sydney Business School featured Lena’s journey on their website. In the article, Lena Sveshnikova, CODE4FUN co-founder and marketing director, reflects on her time at the University of Sydney where she completed her Master of Marketing in 2014. She shares the story of how CODE4FUN was created and discusses the main drivers behind this innovative startup.

Here is a brief excerpt:

“Elena explains that the program is not just about teaching technical mastery but also about equipping the younger generation with invaluable skills to empower them and shape their future. ‘Coding fosters logical thinking, analytical abilities, and a structured approach to problem solving,’ she says. ‘These skills are not only relevant in the field of technology but also transferable to various aspects of life, nurturing critical thinking and innovation.'”

Enjoy the read!