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Scratch Coding & Game Development

Scratch Coding & Game Development course is designed for Primary school students who are passionate about developing their own computer games

Join ourĀ Scratch Coding & Game DevelopmentĀ course for kids. Students learn how to create fun polished games such as Putt Putt, Hoop Jump, Scratch-Craft, Flight Simulator, and Tiny Tanks by implementing fundamental programming logic, mathematics, variables, lists, and functions. Students design sophisticated applications like Baby Yoda Trainers, 3D Printer Simulators, and Binary Calculators. Students use an online programming environment with endless access to online study materials, allowing them to advance their coding skills outside their classroom.

7-11 Years Old
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Course Snapshot

  • Block based coding
  • Suitable for: 7-11 Years Old
  • Free coding account
  • Free extra materials for practicing coding at home

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Level 3:

Every Tuesday 7:40 am - 8:40 am
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Scratch Coding & Game Development - Level 3
30 Jul - 24 Sep | 9 weeks
St John the Baptist Catholic School
Open for: For this school students only
Per term $243

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