Holy Cross Catholic Primary School | Coding Class, Term 3 | 2020

For Holy Cross Catholic Primary School Students Only

Weekly Coding Class for Y3 – Y6 students


The Advanced coding course consists of 20 software projects, which students develop using text-based Java language. Students will first be introduced to a simplified version of Java and will make their first step into text-based coding. During the Advanced course, students will use advanced integrated development environment (IDE) Processing. Students will both be guided through and encouraged to work independently on their games and animations in order to achieve a specific goal. By the end of the Advanced course, all students will go through a formal assessment and parents will receive individual reports outlining achievements and progress of their child.

Introduction to Java

Advanced, Level 3



Location: Y6 classroom | Holy Cross Woollahra
Time: Every Monday, 3:15 pm – 4:15 pm
Duration: 10 weeks | 20 July – 21 Sept
Fee: $250 per student per term | Laptops are provided
Level: Y3 – Y6
continuing students and students with prior experience