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Scratch Beginner

Scratch Beginner coding course is ideal for Primary school students from Grade 1 to Grade 6 with no coding experience. Great place to start learning about coding.

Join our Scratch Beginner coding course for kids. This is an introductory level  course and dose not require any prior experience. It consists of four levels (10 lessons per level) and 27 software projects. The main goal of the course is to ensure students understand the fundamentals of coding. Students create simple video games such as Pong, Breakout, and develop simple animations and cartoons. Using block-based coding in Scratch developed by MIT Media Lab students learn the fundamentals of computer science concepts and coding terminology such as loopsconditionals and variables. Students are closely guided through the creation of their program and are encouraged to work independently. Students use an online programming environment, with endless access to online study materials, allowing them to advance their coding skills outside their classroom.

6-12 Years Old
No experience required
Laptops are provided by CODE4FUN
Save $50 Creative Kids Approved Provider

Course Snapshot

  • Block based coding
  • Ideal for students from Grade 1
  • 27 software project to create
  • Certificates and student reports on the completion of 4 levels of the course
  • Free student account with all projects saved
  • Free online tutorials for extra home work

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Level 2:

Every Friday 7:45 am - 8:45 am
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Scratch Beginner - Level 2
03 May - 28 Jun | 9 weeks
Forest Lodge Public School
Laptops are provided by CODE4FUN
Open for: For this school students only
Per term $243

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