Why coding?

The Mosman Daily Reviews Coding Courses for Kids at Sydney Programming School

Thank you The Mosman Daily  for reviewing the computer programming courses for kids at Sydney Programming School and for sharing our celebration of the end of our very first Computer Programming term. Since we have started on 27th of April 2015, there have been over 30 (Y2-Y5) school students learning to create their own computer games and speak the language of technology.

Each Monday, during 8 weeks, our kids have been engaging in learning valuable programming skills through coding their own software projects and games. Students were encouraged to express their imagination through storytelling and coding.

And just to make our final lessons very special alongside the awards, we had reporters from The Mosman Daily among us. Please check out their review here.

What is next?

  • Current groups ‘Game Development on Scratch’ will continue each Monday (same time & same location starting from 20th July 2015). Student will be building a racing games with some 3D elements
  • New beginners groups ‘Game Development on Scratch’ will be held each Thursdays, 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm at Mosman Art Gallery starting from 23rd July 2015. Students will learn basics of scratch by building a simple game.
  • New groups ‘Web Development’ (Y6-Y9) will be held each Monday, 5:50 pm – 6:50 pm at Mosman Art Gallery starting from 20th July 2015. Students will study basics of HTML/CSS and JavaScript by creating their own websites.
  • School Holidays camps program for the next (Spring) holidays to be announced soon.

If you want to enroll your child, please send us an email through here:

Please stay in touch and follow us on Facebook.

Have a safe school holidays everyone, and see you all next term.

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Sydney Programming School’s First Programming Certificates

It was so amazing to see our students presented their very first projects at the Sydney Programming School and recieveng their very first Programming Certificates. In the lead up to the presentations, students were introduced to the Software Development Life Cycle concept including Planning, Designing, Coding and Testing.  Actually, they have been going through all those stages during this term.

To get the kids started on their projects, our teacher, Jesse Clark, first gave them the project requirements. Then students began creating and designing their own projects. Under Jesse’s expert supervision, they spent most of their time on programming their games. Eventually, they all got to the final stages – presentation and testing.

There were a lot of volunteers to be the first one to introduce their games! And we were very glad to see that all the presenters were very confident in their projects. In addition, each student was very engaged in the testing process, and was good at sharing his opinion.

A big congratulations to all the Sydney Programming School students who have now completed their first project. They have all been awarded a “Coder Level 1” certificate – and a cool flash drive.

Good luck to those who will be presenting next Monday!

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