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CODE4FUN Winter Coding Challenge 2018: My First Business App Prototype. Winners & Their Projects

CODE4FUN Winter Coding Challenge 2018 Winners copy

We are excited to announce the results of our Winter Coding Challenge 2018: ‘My First Business App Prototype’.

Our students were encouraged to make their first step into the World of Startups. We wanted them to think as Inventors and Entrepreneurs, and being ready to launch their first business and change the world!

The main goals of this challenge were to:

– Expand our students’ Design Thinking

– Enhance their Creativity and their ability to Invent new things

– Teach our students how to define a problem, find a solution and (this is the most challenging part) how to turn an amazing idea into a working App prototype.

This challenge required a lot of brainstorming, coding and testing. We wanted our students to go through a real software development cycle and to see what an Iterative or Agile software development approach really means.

After 12 weeks of a very hard work,  212 students from 26 schools submitted their business app prototypes. You are very welcome to check out all the projects in the Scratch Studio here: https://scratch.mit.edu/studios/4831739/.

All students did very well. We are very excited to see how creative and innovative our students are, what problems they decided to solve, and what solutions they offer.

We congratulate our Top 3 winners, who won Programmers of the Year award and new laptops.

Here are the winners:

Sophia Gionis, Maroubra Junction Public School class

The Cakery. Bakery Management App
Coding Teacher: Declan Dwyer (Scratch Intermediate Course)

Ava Maccan, Mosman Art Gallery classes

Thinkchrinicity. Classes Schedule Matching App
Ava is keen to develop her App further, therefore has decided to un-publish her project at this stage).
Coding teachers: Andrew Diggins (Unity 3D course) and Jesse Clark (Crypto Currency Course)

Oliver Bone, Birchgrove Public School class

Platformer Level Maker App
Coding Teacher: Jonathan Serebro (Snap! and Scratch Advanced Course)


Our huge congratulations also go to our five Finalists:

Renata Starodubtseva, Granville

Art Stuff. Drawing App

Mateo Smith, OLGC

Bit Cash. Bitcoin trading app

Conrad Borg, Glenhaven

Do List. Time management app

Indiana Pixton, Granville

What pet to buy app

Abigail Tyler, PLC

Homework making app

In addition, our top 30 coding students received an invitation to visit Australian Google HQ on 2nd August. This is a very exciting opportunity, and we believe our students will enjoy and learn from that excursion a lot. Parents of the invited students will shortly receive a separate email with all the details.

A big thank you to all CODE4FUN Winter Coding Challenge participants, who put a great effort and submitted their amazing projects. Very well done to all of you!

Keep on coding! We strongly believe that students’ progress much faster when they start practicing coding themselves at home and applying all the skills they learn in class by coding their own projects independently.

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