Why coding?

Egor Punanov, Lead coding instructor

Egor Punanov, Lead Coding Instructor at CODE4FUN

Egor is an Engineering and Commerce student at UNSW. He learned how to code at the age of 9 and programmed his own prototype of a self driving car at the age of 10. He built his own computer at the age of 13, and then developed his first VR video game at the age of 14. At the age of 16 Egor developed his first AI project, which was a Machine learning program capable of generating music based on initial user input. This work has provided Egor with a great deal of experience in using Python and a variety of its libraries. Experimenting with OpenAI beta resources prior to the release of Chat GPT helped Egor to open lots of insights into the development of Machine Learning, its potential, its strengths and weaknesses in real world applications.