Coding Classes for kids

St Philip Neri School | Term 3 | 2020

Every Tuesday | 1:20 pm – 2:00 pm
21 July – 22 Sept | 10 weeks
67 Baringa Rd, Northbridge NSW 2063
Y2 – Y6 students
Laptops are provided

Creative Coding | Extension

Course Description

The Creative Coding Extension course consists of four levels and 25 sophisticated software projects, which students develop using block-based programming environment Scratch, developed by MIT Media Lab. During this course students will learn and apply complex computer science concepts such as booleans, recursive algorithms and lists. Students will also be introduced to the basics of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and user interface design. Students are closely guided through the creation of their program and are encouraged to work independently. The benefit of this approach is that students understand the subject matter more deeply. Students use an online programming environment, with endless access to online study materials, allowing them to advance their coding skills outside the classroom.

Course Outcomes

By the end of the Creative Coding Extension stage, students should have a solid understanding of the following coding concepts: loops, conditionals and variables, and be able to code simple software projects by themselves. All students will undergo a formal assessment and parents will receive individual reports outlining the achievements and progress of their child.

Program Overview

Our coding courses are designed for kids who like computer science and coding and all things digital. We focus on quality continued learning and have developed a unique learning pathway: Beginners > Intermediate Advanced > Pro. All coding classes are taught by CODE4FUN instructors who are professional programmers or computer science students. Our instructors follow the COOE4FUN curriculum that is designed to continually progress the knowledge and skills of our students and spans a four-year period. Each stage is one year long and consists of four levels of student progression.

Key Benefits

  • Structured and engaging, one-hour coding sessions every week during school terms.
  • CODE4FUN Certified instructors, who are only IT professionals or Computer Science students.
  • Comprehensive curriculum in Scratch, Java, Python, Unity3D and C# to suit students of almost all ages and levels.
  • Project-based approach and coding challenges that encourage students to work outside their classroom.
  • Field Trips to leading tech companies and innovation labs.
  • Student’s progress monitoring and assessment.

Parent Testimonials

“My son has been having a great success learning coding online with CODE4FUN. He says that everything is very smoothly for him and it is, "Unity class as usual". Thank you so much for making such a huge effort to make online coding classes available for the kids. We hope that my son can keep learning from you and your team of teachers throughout this difficult time.”
Sarah, parent
“A big thank you to CODE4FUN for taking the initiative to organise your online coding classes quickly and seamlessly. My son’s first online class went really well, and he enjoyed it very much! I am happy, he has the opportunity to participate in engaging and meaningful learning experience from his home.”
Gabrielle, parent
“Dear CODE4FUN thank you very much for your coding classes at our school. It's been such a hectic and stressful time and coding is a real highlight for my son. All his other activities have been cancelled so I'm glad he can continue on with coding.”
Karina, parent

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