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CODE4FUN Winter Coding Challenge: Winners & Projects

CODE4FUN Winter Coding Challenge: Winners & Projects
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CODE4FUN Winter Coding Challenge results are here: our Winners and their Projects

We are very proud to be announcing the winners of our second Winter Coding Challenge. This semester we saw 238 of our 1000 students step up to the task, and competition was certainly fierce.

The theme was out of this world – literally! Utilising the skills they learned in our classes, students created games and stories based on the theme ‘Life in Space’.

We are pleased to see an increase of 120 participants from last year’s Christmas Coding Challenge, which received entries from 118 of our students.

Submissions are judged on execution, but also on creativity. Digital literacy skills are crucial for kids growing up in a world that is being reshaped by technology. At CODE4FUN, we also prioritise developing creativity and presentation skills. These skills are valuable in any context; whether it be school, future careers, or simply helping kids to build confidence and learn to capture their imagination.

By engaging in our challenges students continue to build and showcase these skills, and teaching staff are able to monitor their progress. The increasing quality of work that we are seeing submitted is a testament to the effectiveness of such challenges in both motivating kids, and helping our teaching staff to track their individual process.

They also have a great time doing it, as is reflected in the booming popularity! If your child has missed out or can’t wait to get stuck into it again – don’t fret! We will be holding another coding challenge in second semester, and invite all the students to take part in the fun.

In the meantime, we encourage you to take a look at the excellent work produced by our students this semester: https://scratch.mit.edu/studios/3656108/projects/

We wanted to highlight the five projects that got the main awards:

1. The first place Excellence in Programming Award. Coders Of The Year

Cooper Heriot


2. The second place Excellence in Programming Award

Mateo Smith


3. The third place Excellence in Programming Award

Finn Howard


4. The fourth place Excellence in Programming Award

Conrad Borg


5. The fifth place Excellence in Programming Award

Hans Heuer



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