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CODE4FUN 2018 Christmas Coding Challenge: Code Your Own Interactive Resume


The 2018 Christmas Coding Challenge is off to a brilliant start and we’re thrilled to see the excitement and enthusiasm from students as they get started on their projects.

We hope that your child will be participating in the challenge to reinforce the skills and concepts they’ve learnt in class, win awesome prizes and get the chance to visit a leading tech company!

A big thanks to Officeworks and ASUS who are the proud supporters of this challenge.

Below are all the details you will need to support your child through the challenge.


Develop an Interactive Resume with WOW factor! Students must define the objective of their resume and how they plan to use it in the real-world to achieve their goals. For younger students, they may like to create an interactive story about themselves including their family, friends, pets, hobbies etc.

There will be several lessons in Term 3 and Term 4 dedicated to the challenge to help students get started however children will be required to spend time on their projects at home.

4th November, 2018



  • Prepare our students for their future by educating them on the importance of a resume and how to create one to stand out from the crowd
  • Enhance Creativity, Design and Coding skills
  • Reinforce Analytics skills: students will need to present different pieces of information in an organised and structured way
  • Learn the basics of User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI)
  • Develop Presentation skills
  • Experience a real software development cycle to see what an Iterative or Agile software development approach really means

Projects are to be created in Scratch, Processing or Unity (student’s choice) and students will need to present their projects in class. Click here to access the Scratch Challenge studio.

Help your child brainstorm ideas, be their app tester and early adopter. Every coder needs constructive feedback to help them improve and deliver a fantastic app.


Thanks to Officeworks and ASUS, every participant will receive a prize and certificate in recognition of their hard work. Prizes include Laptops, Tablets, Virtual Reality Headsets and other cool gadgets. The Top 3 Winners will win an incredible ASUS ROG Strix GL502 laptop valued at $2,699!

The Top 40 students will also receive an exclusive invitation to visit a leading teach company. Previous companies visited include Google (July 2018) and Atlassian (December 2017). Once the details are confirmed we will announce which company our Top 40 students will be visiting.
Click here to read about the recent CODE4FUN visit to Google Australia HQ.

Students must add their first name, class and their teacher’s name to their projects before being submitted. Projects that do not include these details are at risk of not receiving a prize if we cannot determine the creator of the project (especially if students use their own accounts, such as BESTCODER123J). All projects should also be given a project name and include clear instructions for how to navigate through the resume.

Please feel free to email us if you have any questions.

Thanks for supporting this challenge and furthering your child’s exciting coding journey.

Best regards
Grigory & The CODE4FUN Team

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