Galstaun College, Coding Class, Term 3, 2020

For Galstaun College Students Only

Weekly Coding Class for Y2 – Y6 students


The Coding Fundamentals, Beginners coding course consists of four levels and 25 projects. The main goal of the course is to ensure students understand the fundamentals of coding and are able to create software projects including a famous Breakout game, developed by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and, created by Steve Howse. Using block-based coding in Scratch (developed by MIT Media Lab) students will be introduced to the main computer science concepts & coding terminology such as loops, conditionals and variables. Students will be closely guided through creation and will be allowed to work on their projects independently. By the end of the Beginners stage, all students will go through a formal assessment and parents will receive individual reports outlining achievements and progress of their child.

Beginners Level 4



Location: Galstaun College, 5 Chiltern Rd, Ingleside NSW 2101
Time: Every Monday, 3:15 pm – 4:35 pm
Duration: 9 weeks | 27 July – 21 Sept
Fee: $270 per student per term | Laptops are provided
Level: Y2 – Y6
 continuing students and digitally savvy beginners