Coding Fundamentals: Beginners & Intermediate Courses


Coding Courses for Y1 – Y7


The Coding Fundamentals, Beginners coding course consists of four levels and 25 projects, which students develop throughout the course. The main goal of the course is to ensure students understand the fundamentals of coding and are able to create software projects including a famous Breakout game, developed by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and, created by Steve Howse. Using block-based coding in Scratch (developed by MIT Media Lab) students will be introduced to the main computer science concepts & coding terminology such as loops, conditionals and variables. Students will be closely guided through creation of the projects and will be allowed to work on their games and animations independently.










The Coding Fundamentals, Intermediate coding course consists of four levels and 25 sophisticated software projects, which students develop using block-based programming environment Scratch (developed by MIT Media Lab). During this course students will learn and apply more complex computer science concepts such as booleans, recursive algorithms and lists. Students will also be introduced to the basics of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and user interface designStudents will be given an opportunity to develop their own projects independently with a minimal guidance. The benefit of this approach is that students are able to accomplish a number of projects themselves, hence they understand the subject matter more deeply.








Coding Courses for Y4 – Y8 Students

During the Advanced coding course, students will be introduced to a simplified version of Java language and will make their first step into text-based coding. Students will use both Scratch (developed by MIT Media Lab) and more advanced integrated development environment (IDE) Processing to learn how to write code in Java. Students will also learn more advanced computer science concepts, maths and physics in order to code more sophisticated projects, simulations and games using Java. Students will both be guided through and encouraged to work independently on their games and animations in order to achieve a specific goal. At the end of the Advanced course, students should be able to build a number of projects themselves.





The Pro coding courses are designed for those students, who want to learn industry standard programming languages such as Java, Python and C#. In Java classes, students focus on Object-Oriented Programming concepts using Processing and create digital art projects and games. Python students learn to program Drones or Lego Robots to perform different tasks such as shark monitoring or playing autonomous soccer. In C# classes, students master their skills while learning 3D Game Development and creating 3D projects using Unity 3D. The main goal of each Pro course is to make sure students are able to create independent coding or robotics projects by the end of each term. Pre-requisites: Y7 – Y11 students require no prior experience. Primary school students can only take part in these courses if they have completed a full year of Advanced level and / or recommended by their teachers.