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CODE4FUN student Zander Cheng launches his first iPhone app on Apple App Store


Hi everyone, my name is Zander. I am 12 years old, and I have just launched my very first game on the Apple App Store. You can play it on your iPhone or iPad, it costs $1.49. The game is a 3D geometric puzzle with 20 levels, so I hope you enjoy solving it!

It had always been a dream of mine to put an app on the Apple App Store. I would play other mobile games such as Monument Valley and Minecraft and be inspired by these worlds that other developers had managed to create, wishing I could do the same. I came up with the concept of Slidez just over half a year ago. I was talking to my dad about an old board game he used to play that he really enjoyed. I thought it would be cool to develop my own game but for mobile devices. I was hoping to bring back the old memories of playing board games in a new way. I started experimenting with Unity and managed to get a little prototype working.

My 3D puzzle game is called “Slidez”. It has 20 levels with 2 different themes. At each level, a player has to move different blocks with a joystick to release one block to hit the gold block out. I also arranged and composed the music for this game.

The development of this game took much longer than expected because I encountered many bugs and had to research along the way in order to fix them properly. However, I know that what I learned from my experience will be useful in the future. In total, Slidez took about 6 months of work. I eventually got to a point where I could release the game. I was very excited at the thought of having a mobile game like the others I played when I was younger. However, it still had to pass Apple’s testing and lodgement program to get on the App Store. I sent in the application to Apple and two days later I found that my game had passed all the tests and had gone onto the App Store. I was very happy that I finally accomplished one of my dreams: I have been recognised by Apple as a Software Developer and I am authorised to develop further Apps for the App Store. 

My journey in programming started 5 years ago, when I joined CODE4FUN Scratch beginner class in Castle Hill. Since then I’ve completed four CODE4FUN coding courses: Scratch Beginner, Scratch Intermediate, Intro to Java and Java Pro, and currently I am studying Unity 3D and C# game development course in The Granville Centre. It’s been a long and exciting journey, and I would like to thank all CODE4FUN teachers for their support and knowledge they have given me over the years. 

If you want to check out my game, search “Slidez” in the Apple App Store or just click this link:


I hope you will enjoy playing it as much as I have enjoyed developing it.

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CODE4FUN Students Won Australian STEM Video Game Coding Challenge 2019

Such an amazing achievement by two CODE4FUN students Zoe and Andrei and their team from Balmain Public School in winning STEM Video Game Challenge 2019! They competed among others from all around Australia in Y5 – Y8 “Playable Game in Scratch” category.

We all are super proud of them and cannot help but share their success with all CODE4FUN community. Well done to Zoe, Andrei and the whole team! Your passion and commitment to coding and your achievement, is very inspirational.

Both Zoe and Andrei have been studying with CODE4FUN for over two years, starting from block-based Scratch all the way to Pro Level, learning text-based industry standard Java language now.

Here is the game, enjoy:

Pease click here to play: play the game

Once again, well done to Zoe, Andrei and the whole team!

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CODE4FUN Students Visit UTS Magic Lab

Last week, the top 20 CODE4FUN robotics students went on a special tour to the Magic Lab at University of Technology Sydney.

The Magic Lab is a pioneer and a leader conducting transdisciplinary research into strategic and disruptive innovations that will transform society in the coming decade. The Lab is home to the only PR2 robot in Australia and programs for Pepper, Nao, and Aibo as well as custom-built robots.

This excursion was organised precisely for those CODE4FUN students, who has shown their huge interest in robotics and artificial intelligence. All the students were given the opportunity to learn from UTS Human-Robot Interaction researchers about the latest innovations in robotics technology. The students also participated in robotics workshops and got hands-on experience designing a social behaviour for the Pepper robot, the world’s first social humanoid robot able to recognise faces and basic human emotions.

CODE4FUN Head of Teaching Jesse Clark, who is also UTS Robotics researcher and a core member of the UTS Centre for Artificial Intelligence, guided the students through all the aspects of programming Pepper to help them understand how robot’s mind works. It was absolutely amazing to see how each student in his or her personal manner interacted with the Pepper robots and learn from them as well.

Thank you very much the Magic Lab team for having us and for giving our students such a valuable knowledge and experience in the world of the future and robots.

Check out some of the photos from the day below:


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CODE4FUN Students Reinvent the Resume Game


The resume as we know it may become a thing of the past thanks to the
imagination and inventive skills of Sydney coding students in the CODE4FUN
Christmas Coding Challenge 2018.

With employers spending an average of six seconds scanning a resume, and
companies like Microsoft receiving over two million applicants a year, knowing how
to stand out in an increasingly competitive and tech-driven world will be essential
for the next generation of jobseekers.

To help prepare them for the jobs of the future, CODE4FUN’s Create an
Interactive Resume Challenge saw over 280 students from 43 schools across
Sydney create a digital resume highlighting their skills, interests and achievements.
And after months of hard work, the impressive results show the future is in good

Judged on their creativity and originality, as well as their coding, design and
animation skills, students turned the traditional resume on its head by incorporating
gaming elements, animation and music to spark engagement and interest for the
user. The judging panel was impressed with the breadth of inventive submissions
that included an underwater submarine journey and an intergalactic space battle.

Thanks to the challenge supporters, Officeworks and ASUS, every participant took
home a prize and the three first place winners each took home an ASUS laptop.
The top 45 students were invited to visit the Microsoft Startup Hub Microsoft
Reactor Sydney and met with Annie Parker, Microsoft’s Global Head of Startups.

“I was surprised to learn how competitive it can be to get a job at places like Google
and Microsoft,” says Cooper Heriot, a student at The Forest High School, who won
first prize for his submarine journey resume that demonstrated his love for
animation and underwater photography. “The challenge really made me think about
how I could stand out from the crowd.”

“I had so much fun thinking of new and creative ways for me to share my skills and
passions with other people rather than just sticking with the traditional paper
resume that everyone else does,” says Kai Ishikawa from St Ives High School, who
won a top place for his cosmic space game resume that reveals his interests along
the way.

“The challenge really made me think about how I can do things differently to get
noticed and make my resume interesting and engaging for others to read,” added
Rafael Deubler from Rose Bay Secondary College who also took out a top prize for
his interactive resume that cleverly mimics the Microsoft desktop, complete with a
trashcan icon containing his ‘hopes and dreams’.

The challenge was the latest CODE4FUN initiative aimed at inspiring the next wave
of innovators and change makers, encouraging kids to develop valuable analytical
and presentation skills. Digital literacy is fast becoming a critical workplace skill with
coding one of the most vital languages of the new knowledge-based economy. The
more kids are equipped with the confidence and knowledge of technology and how
to use it, the better positioned they will be in their future careers.

Co-Founder and Director of CODE4FUN, Grigory Punanov says, “We had an
overwhelmingly positive response to this challenge because the students were
given the opportunity to not only showcase their passions and talents, but to also
think outside the box and challenge the way resumes are traditionally presented.
We continue to be amazed by the inventiveness of our students, the quality of work
continues to improve with every challenge.”

You are welcome to check the winners’ resumes below:

Cooper – First place & ASUS laptop in Unity 3D category, Pro coding class in Mosman

Project link: https://adiggins.itch.io/cooper-heriot-resume

Rafael – First place & ASUS laptop in Java & Processing category, Pro coding class in Bondi Junction

Project link: http://raf-resume.herokuapp.com/

Kai – First place & ASUS laptop in Scratch category, Advanced coding class in Glenhaven

Project link: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/247640805/

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