Why coding?

Learn How to Code During Summer Holidays

If your children are wondering how to learn programming, these summer coding workshops are the great option to get them started.

Our one-day workshops are designed for Y2 – Y6 school student with active imagination and a passion for all things digital. Children will create their own computer games and animated stories while learning the basics programming concepts. We will encourage children to expand their imagination in this digital adventure.

During the Y2 – Y6 workshops students will be introduced to Scratch (a project of the MIT Media Lab) – essential building blocks model behind object-oriented programming. The practice is based on fun and discovery.

Our workshops will provide a balance of programming and supervised outdoor play. Kids also will have a chance to be introduced to The Mosman Art Gallery collection of art.

There are no coding prerequisites for these workshops, other than creativity and interest in a digital world.

Each student will take home their own Scratch account (accessible anywhere using student username and password) with the projects developed during workshop.

Enrol now and let your children learn how to code this summer.


At Mosman Art Gallery


19 January (Tuesday) 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

21 January (Thursday) 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

22 January (Friday) 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Workshop Fee is $90 per student per day. This must be paid before the workshop.


We provide students with laptops (1 laptop per two students), however if your child is willing to bring their own device – they are very welcome. Both Windows and Apple laptops are OK.


Please pack your child’s lunch box & water bottle.

Please note that Sydney Programming School is Nuts Free.

Enrolment and Payment

To express your interest, email us info@code4fun.com.au with your child details and preferred date.

We will check the availability and reply shortly with the booking confirmation and the payment details. Payment must be made before the workshop.

We will also provide you with the Enrolment Form and the Permission for a Walk, which you will need to fill in and bring to the class.

See you at Mosman Art Gallery very soon.

Sydney Programming School Team

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Sydney Programming School teaches kids how to code.

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Sydney Programming School teaches kids how to code.

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