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CODE4FUN Christmas Coding Challenge: Winners, Prizes & Projects 

CODE4FUN Christmas Coding Challenge
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Let us share the results of our very first CODE4FUN Christmas Coding Challenge here: name the winners, post their projects so you can check them out, and thank our parters from Sphero, who helped us with the prizes.

First of all, there were 118 projects submitted for the Challenge out of our 1,000 students from all our 14 schools and venues around Sydney. That was definitely more than we expected. What an incredible number of participants!

All projects were absolutely amazing, and it was not an easy job to choose the winner. All our teachers were involved in assessing students’ works. There were two main criteria that we judged on: creativity and execution. Although, initially we planned to have only one main prize, we ended up with four main prizes and over 100 other prizes as there were so many great projects that deserved recognition.

Finally, three different Sphero robots, one Lenovo tablet, around 30 Google Virtual Reality Cardboards and over 70 Headphones were delivered to the winners and participants.

You all are very welcome to check out all the submitted projects using the following link to our Christmas Challenge Studio 2017:


We wanted to highlight the four projects that got the main awards:

1. The first place Excellence in Programming Award. Coders Of The Year

Elan and Jesse Blaustein, Bellevue Hill Public School 

Project name: Press The Button Quiz

Project Link: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/130438366/

2. The second place Excellence in Programming Award

Finn Howard, Birchgrove Public School

Project Name: Elf Simulator

Project Link: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/130023716/

3. The third place Excellence in Programming Award

Charlotte Watton, Mosman Art Gallery

Project Name: My Christmas

Project Link: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/130254666/

4. The fourth place Excellence in Programming Award

Dylan Tazawa-Lim, Mosman Art Gallery

Project Name: Christmas is coming, Presents are falling

Project Link: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/96503737/


Due to a huge popularity of our Christmas Coding Challenge, we have decided to run the next Coding Challenge in Term 1, 2017. This is a great way to encourage our students to create software projects themselves, and it is also the best way for our teachers to see what students have learned during our lessons.

P.S. For those students who missed the last lessons, but were selected amongst the winners, please do not worry, your prizes are safe and will be given to you during the first lessons in Term 1.

We wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We look forward to seeing you all in 2017.


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From Beginners to Pro: two new coding courses at Waverley Library. Term 1, 2017

From Beginners to Pro, two new Programming Courses at Waverley Library are ready for online enrolments. Y1 – Y10 students are welcome to enrol in Term 1, 2017. Beginners will learn the fundamentals of programming while creating their own games using Scratch programming environment. Pro students will learn JavaScript and basics of Web Development while creating their own Messenger App.

Please see course descriptions and enrolment links below:

Scratch Beginners Level 1

Location: Waverley Library, 32-48 Denison Street, Bondi Junction
Time: Every Wednesday, 3:40 pm – 4:40 pm
Course Duration: 10 weeks, from 1 February till 5 April
Price: $220 per student per term (GST inclusive)
Level: For Y1-Y6 students with no or just a little programming experience
Course description: Students learn the main programming concepts while creating their own computer games and interactive animated projects in Scratch Programming Environment.
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Web Development & JavaScript

Location:  Waverley Library, 32-48 Denison Street, Bondi Junction
Time:  Every Wednesday, 4:50 pm – 5:50 pm
Duration: 10 weeks, from 1 February till 5 April
Price:  $220 per student per term (GST inclusive)
Level & Age: For High School students with previous experience in programming or digitally savvy beginners who are keen to learn fast
Course description: Students will create a chat application written in JavaScript that can be run easily on any smartphone or tablet. The course covers many fundamental principles of programming and web development.
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