Why coding?

Meet Sydney Programming School Team

Every new start-up or business has a team, and so does Sydney Programming School.

I believe that ours is a real dream team, and I want to introduce it to you.

Firstly, we have children on our Board. They are our first students and the testers of our school. They can tell us honestly whether or not they are enjoying the teaching methods and we can make changes based on their judgments. They are quite strict judges but together we have been able to create programming courses that they really want to go to.

Secondly, we have a Marketing Guru, who helps us to find our customers and, most importantly, to meet and satisfy their expectations. Programming classes are not the same as any other classes that kids commonly attend. So it requires a bit of promotion to get kids and parents interested in them. But we are lucky enough to have our very own marketer, who is keen to share the ideas and spread the word about the school.

Thirdly, we have an IT Professional, who knows the industry trends and who has extensively studied programming himself.  So he can create, advise and introduce the key subjects: what we should teach and how we should teach it.

Finally, of course, there are our teachers, colleagues, partners and friends who share and support the idea of teaching kids how to code. We would like to say a huge thank you to Suzie and Patrick, Dale, Sasha, Sam, Anna, Chris, Yolande and Susha for supporting Sydney Programming School.

So, meet our very own dream team:

Egor Punanov














This young computer geek is our Junior Tester.

Egor tests those courses that we teach to boys and girls in his age group. He decides whether they are interesting and challenging enough. He also say if they are actually doable for children his age. (Egor is 9, by the way.)

Egor has tested and loved the Scratch course, which we teach to his age group (Year 3 and 4). Egor tested the CodeHS course, which he found interesting, but too challenging, and this is why we will teach the CodeHS course to students from Year 5 and 6. Egor has even done some of the coding lessons from the HTML/CSS course, which we will teach to our students from Years 7, 8 and 9.

Apart from testing programming courses and coding on different platforms, Egor plays soccer, likes Pirates of Caribbean and watches every new Top Gear series.

Gleb Punanov













Gleb is our Testing Lead and a Junior Web Developer.

Gleb tests ALL of the courses that we teach. He supervised Egor while Egor was attempting that part of coding, which is designed for older students. Gleb was the person who helped us to make our final choices on what courses we will teach to each age group.

Gleb is also a Junior Web Developer. Along with our good friend Anna who get our website done (and we very much thank her for her brilliant work!); he has done some developments on the website and continue to help with updates and posts.  Gleb is doing a web development course right now, so soon enough our website will be just perfect.

Apart from Sydney Programming School, Gleb is a high school student. He loves Math, Science and, of course, soccer and tennis.  He also loves his iPhone (see the picture) and is currently working on his first iPhone app. (Well, deciding what kind of app he should create as his first one.) By the way, Gleb is the elder brother of Egor.

Elena Sveshnikova














Elena is our Head of Marketing and a Co-founder.

If you have heard about the Sydney Programming School, this is the result of her work. She is in charge of all our marketing activities. Our website, where you are reading this post; our social networks promotions; our email communication with parents and all our other marketing activities – this is all her. Prior to this challenging role, Elena worked for the University of Sydney and for mining, FMCG, oil and media companies as a Marketing and PR Manager. So she is a Marketing Guru, no joke.

She has also just completed her Masters of Marketing Degree at Sydney University. By the way, Elena is the mum of Gleb and Egor.

Grigory Punanov



















This is me.  In my previous life I have worked as an IT Project Manager. But in Sydney Programming School I am responsible for the strategic development.

It was two years ago when the idea of creating a Programming School first crossed my mind. I was doing my Masters of IT here in Sydney. As a part of my assignment, I was trying to write a small piece of code in Python, and it wasn’t working out. I was nervous as my deadline was close. My elder son Gleb (by the way, I am the father of Gleb and Egor and Elena’s husband) walked by and asked what I was doing. I showed him few online Python tutorials, and within a few hours he had done them all. He helped me with my assignment, and I thought: Why don’t we teach our kids how to program when they are still young enough to absorb it that fast? It seems to be much easier to pick up this challenging skill when you are young, rather than when you are already grown up.

Now you know the team behind Sydney Programming School. And we do believe that your children will love programming as much as ours do.

Want to read about our new Head of Teaching? Find out more about Jesse Clark. Or click here to become part of our team.

Hope to see you soon,

Grigory and Sydney Programming School.

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